Intro from: “The Dark Maze”

Craine`s the name. Some while back- my pockets out of charms, and nothing and no one keeping me in Plower’s End- I said to myself, „It`s time to pack my axe and silver chain, and head out into the cornfield maze.“

My way to save them all some trouble. Can`t stand being out here for too long. Darkness gets ahold of me; pulls me down. And I start pulling folks along.
They might not know it but they`re drawn there, too.To that magic realm, the dark cornfield, that surrounds but all of Plower`s End. Come sundown, they’re gathering out there on the edge of plain land. From Eastern Lookout up to HagwitchGate, I see earnest living folks, with dusty pants and blisters, staring into the dark maze. They wanna see them catchers bringing in a horned fiercehorse. Or just some darkclouds rising up.

Their boots are placed onto the last inch of dirt, their eyes fixed onto the cornfield. Like they’d wanna dive in at any moment.

They don’t.
But deep down they all know that every path leads right into the Dark Maze.