epic fantasy set on an inhabited comet

I’m currently working on an epic fantasy tale set on an inhabited comet, in an advanced but ancient civilization.  The story follows four people whose lives get turned upside down as they uncover a conspiracy about a black hole, a demon and the dark side of magic.


There is a new website for the anthology-project Singularity50, along with a very nice trailer, check it out:


My story is still in the run for a spot amongst the “most thought provoking voices in new SF” – I have my fingers crossed…

Singularity50 is part of the create50 project. As a writers you submit, critique and get a chance to re-write your material – a process I’m very familiar with through my work as a screenwriter (as Elisabeth Schmied- www.elisabethschmied.com).

The whole process was an exceptionally positive, inspiring experience; an opportunity to meet likeminded writers who elevate each other’s material. Aside from that, I just fell in love with the fictional timeline that was created as a story universe – as I’m sure you will, too.

The anthology comes out this fall, but you can already pre-order it, here: https://www.singularity50.com/buy/