Check out my Short Story – “We don’t belong…

In the heated climate of a society on the verge of social change, a contemporary witness report at a convention for “Upgrading Society” soon spins out of control and raises the question of who has earned the right to be the future of mankind.

That’s what my latest short story “We don’t belong, we don’t want to belong” is about.

The story is currently running in the Singularity50 competition. That’s one of the short story Projects on Create50 – an online platform founded by the London Screenwriter’s Festival for short stories, screenplays, and short films.

To read, enjoy and comment “We don’t belong, we don’t want to belong“, just follow the link:


Working on a Children’s Book

Happy to announce working on a children’s book series about skeletons, zombies, a haunted forest and lots of riddles and monsters.

The idea is to create a cool looking, funny horror story for five to eight-year-olds who start to yawn when they see a fluffy pony or a kid with a schoolbag on the cover of a book. It should be for all those kids who think Halloween is the best time of the year, the kids who can’t wait to finally turn PG-13…