A Map of Not-Westeros

So here is this map I drew in 2006….


Do you notice any similarities? I have to say, I drew this at a time when I had no idea what A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE was, I hadn’t read A Game of Thrones, never even heard of it… Believe it or not…

So I guess the similarity in the general shape is easy to explain: I modeled my map after Great Britain like George RR Martin did (and after Walter Moers’ maps of Zamonia as you can see in the picture below). What’s harder to explain, is the giant WALL I put there in the north – I mean, I have a perfect explanation: It was built there as a barrier to Shadowland, where monsters live – but also… no, I won’t reveal any of the plot twists here.


Even though I’ve planned this epic fantasy tale eleven years ago, I haven’t abandoned it yet. The only reason I never wrote it -I had plotted it, created my world, its inhabitants, rules, myths, a protagonist, and his goal, I had tried out a few voices -is became I got distracted with other projects. First, I got this scholarship for writing a play, then there were some screenplays, yet another play and finally, I had a book deal for my first and then for my second novel.

My epic fantasy tale came across my desk from time to time, and I had always meant to write it, but maybe now is the time I should reconsider it…


Here is a picture of me drawing the map in 2006: (at a late night writing session… at a time when there weren’t any combs or brushes anywhere near…)